Safemark Securing Assets

I hope you find our site sufficiently interesting to take some form of action to prevent the loss of equipment and information from your organisation.

We are committed to offer the very best products in their security class for every price range.

Safemark was established in 1993 to develop new ways to protect valuable equipment from theft, misuse, vandalism and unauthorised access.

I had previously spent my time designing and marketing a range of high security cabinets and vaults for another York manufacturer. I managed to increase their business turnover from £100k to £2.5m.

Our Design team have been designing secure storage devices since 1984. They were originally to protect video recorders and televisions within schools, colleges and hospitals and tools and plant on construction sites and in factories.

In 1986, computers started to be deployed in the UK, mainly in schools and colleges, and I designed and launched the first cabinet in the UK specifically to protect a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

For the last 20 years I have spoken on the subject of physical security to Insurance Companies, Police and Corporate Security Advisers by invitation.

We are well respected in the security community since Safemark secure solutions do exactly what they say they do - protect equipment & data from theft, misuse, unauthorised access, espionage, vandalism and sabotage.

Nikki Williams
General Manager


SAFEMARK. YORK, UK, YO24 1LT TEL: 01904 778899