The LOKBLOK Range is extensive ranging from the High Security LOKBLOK FUTURA F2 total enclosure through to the most economic computer cages available in the UK today, the LOKBLOK PRO units.

The new LOKBLOK FUTURA Duet can house two desktop or tower computers and the optional LOKBLOK PrintPro printer housing to make an all in one secure, portable caddy.

If you have 100s of computers needing protection for less than £35 you can use the LOKBLOK Le Encasement for computers or have us manufacture the LOKBLOK Le encasement for small portable equipment like Zip drives, CD Writers or Projectors.

We don't just limit ourselves to protecting computer equipment. In the past we have used LOKBLOK products to protect laboratory equipment, fax machines, factory equipment and microwave ovens!

We hold many sizes and designs in stock for rapid same day despatch - next working day delivery (UK) and can manufacture any size to meet your requirements, normally within 2-3 weeks (faster sometimes).

LOKBLOK Lc Economy Encasement
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