Visible Permanent Security Marking ensures that should your equipment get stolen and subsequently recovered by the police, permanent marking will establish ownership.

You will therefore get your property back, though there is one added advantage for this cheap and easily applied solution - if the police apprehend a suspect with your property, it enhances greatly the opportunity to arrest the villain.

Marking your property with a permanent method will deter many casual and opportunist thieves since they would find a challenge from a security guard or member of staff difficult to talk their way out of>

We do not recommend just using Ultraviolet pens in most situations since 95% of pens available can be removed with industrial solvents.

Self Adhesive Aluminium or Plastic Labels are only recommended where a visible anti-tamper record is required since these can be peeled off easily and quickly.

If you want a label and permanent marking, we can supply the Safemark Duo System of label and marking paste together.

Safemark Permanent & Visible Security Marking - cheap and easy to apply
Safemark Security MArking can be supplied with a Ownership Registration  Database
Economical Engraving Kit for small numbers of items to protect
Laser Printed Sheet of Anti-Tamper material - if peeled off it shows Void wording